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Dynamic Influences Of Culture On Cooperation - 1517 Words

According to Dynamic influences of culture on cooperation in the prisoner’s dilemma (2005) by Wong Hong, cultural symbols affect people’s behavior in specific situational contexts. In order to substantiate this hypothesis, the authors used a three by two between-subjects method, with one hundred and seventy-one participants. In the study, the independent variable was icons, either from American, Chinese, or neutral backgrounds. Additionally, the three dependent variables studied were cooperation versus defect, expectation of cooperation, and motivation to maximize join outcome (Wong Hong, 430). Furthermore, the measures of cultural priming were measured by exposing participants to seven slides of Chinese cultural icons, such as a Chinese dragon, American cultural icons, such as the American flag, or neutral primes, such as geometry. The participants were assigned randomly to the prime conditions and the procedure for each primes required participants to answered questions related to the prime they were assigned to, such as naming the objects or describing the ideas represented. According to the authors, research has shown that these procedures elicit the cultural knowledge systems among individuals that were needed in this study. After introducing the cultural primes, the study asked the participants to play a strategy game, where outcomes depended on strategies chosen by the participant, and resulted in points gained or lost. However, different strategies yieldedShow MoreRelatedAn Individual s Culture And Decision Making Decisions Essay1109 Words   |  5 PagesThrough numerous counts of research and scenario-based studies, it can be concluded that an individual’s culture plays an important role in their approach to making decisions. While exploring Strohschneider’s (2002) findings, this claim is supported by studies in which participants were expected to make real-life decisions to eventually derive a solution to a multifaceted issue. In doing so, he determined that, while a majority of the studies pertained to the participant’s degree of individualismRead MoreThe Case Of Innostat, The Main Issue On The Culture Of The Organization1190 Words   |  5 Pageson the culture of the organ ization has led to a bad productivity and has affected its effectiveness and efficiency. This portrays that Innostat has overlooked the importance of culture which claims by Schein (2004) as powerful energy for the organization in order to reach the goals. Hence, Innostat is now struggling to bring back its innovating edge. By referring to the Burke-Litwin Model (1992), it can be seen that there is an interconnectedness of four factors including leadership, culture, workRead MorePuberty Blues, By Film And My Own Society And Culture1485 Words   |  6 Pagesreflection, I have observed certain differences and similarities between the culture depicted in the film and my own society and culture. The subject of the film is the journey that two young people go on as they transition from adolescence into adulthood, I will be outlining what exactly that means. There are a number of societal concepts that have changed over time, these changes are clearly exhibited when comparing the culture of Puberty Blues to my own. One of these concepts is gender roles. In theRead MoreNetwork Theory of Internalization and Social Capital in Internalization1000 Words   |  4 Pagescompetitive progress in terms of processes products and innovation. Michael Porter established a theoretical framework for enterprise application in industries which analyzed the processes and activities that create value in the organization and dynamics with your competition and market. However, the formulation of the Porter value chain was limited to vertical view of organizations, making rigid implementation in non-industrial or horizontal integration features flexible sectors. Porter looked forRead MoreWhat Makes A Politically Savvy Leader?1173 Words   |  5 Pagesmany people just do not want to participate or play the â€Å"political game†, but Political Savvy has nothing to do with politics. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Political Savvy is one who â€Å"understands and utilizes the dynamics of power, organization, and decision-making to achieve objectives† (â€Å"Leadership Competencies - executive,† n.d.). Political Savvy, when broken down to the root words, directs one to understand the people. The word Political originates from the LatinRead MoreIncreasing Citizenship Behavior in the Organization675 Words   |  3 Pagesresults in employees having to adapt at an ever-increasing rate to the dynamics of the organization. Likewise, leadership must be able to handle the increased speed in dealing with employees and what Neubert, Wu, and Roberts (2013) explained as the increased complexities and dynamics that effects leader’s ability to identify and fix problems by themselves. Discretionary behavior outside of the formal job requirements that influences the psychological and social environment is what Robbins and JudgeRead MoreThe Correlation Between Influencing Organization Culture And Leaderships Go Hand And Hand787 Words   |  4 Pages The correlation between influencing organization culture and leaderships go hand and hand. Organizational culture refers to the beliefs and values that exist in an organization and to the beliefs of the staff and the for eseen value of their work that will influence their work ethic. Schein (1992, 2004) defines the culture of a group or organization as shared assumptions and beliefs about the world and their place in it, the nature of time and space, human nature, and human relationships. (pg.Read MoreA Research On Cross Cultural Groups And Organisations1141 Words   |  5 Pagesfor his pioneering research on cross-cultural groups and organisations. The author, in the book Culture and Organisations, describes national cultures as explainable along six dimensions: Individualism, Power Distance, Masculinity, Long Term Orientation, Uncertainty avoidance and Indulgence vs. restraint. Cultures play an important role in forming our ways of thinking, feeling and behaviour. Cultures differ from nations and regions. The author of the book explains the cultural differences or diversityRead MoreInformation Technology Provides Benefits For Health Industry Essay801 Words   |  4 Pagesand intra-group and inter-group dynamics. Their findings are, the public want to know what telehealth is all about; they wanted to know benefits of telehealth, and desire for privacy regarding telehealth practice. Next, the patient want to know what telehealth is all about, the concern about privacy, and the patient want to know availability and reliability of content. After that, they want to know inter-group cooperation and intra-group cooperation, and peer influence. At that point, they need to knowRead MorePrincipals Leadership Style Indirect Influence Studentssuccess1365 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Paper Does principal’s leadership style indirect influence students’ success in elementary schools? Introduction The leadership style of school’s principals in U.S. elementary schools plays an indirect role in the academic success of students when is implicit a transformational approach in the principal’s behavior. I mentioned indirect impact, because the truly direct impact is toward the teachers, which, as a transitivity effect, impact as well the academic achievement of their students

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About Helen Keller - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 482 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2019/08/02 Category People Essay Level High school Tags: Helen Keller Essay Did you like this example? Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama (Thompson, 2003, p3). Helen wasnt born blind or deaf so she had a regular childhood, but when she was two years old she got sick and her family though she was going to die, but she recover well not really.Her mother was giving Helen a bath one day and she move her hand in front of Helen face she didnt blink or react at all her mother tried again move her hand in front of Helen face it didnt work that when the found out Helen was blind,but it got worse for the Keller family.. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "About Helen Keller" essay for you Create order One day Helen mother ring the bell for dinner and Helen did come to eat so her mom went to go find Helen. Helen mother found her playing with her dolls and helen mother told helen that it was time for dinner. Helen didnt respond to her mother and keep playing with her toys so her mother tried and make noise to get Helen attention, but it didnt work. That when the found out there little baby girl was both blind and deaf, but Helen work hard and stay around her mother most of the time . Helen even made up signs for thing she wanted and needed. She grew up a bit of a mischief child well until she meet Annie Sullivan. Annie Sullivan arrived March 3,1887 she had no idea what adventure she was getting herself into (Thompson, 2003, p31). When Annie had arrive at the Kellers house she notice that Helen was a curious young lady and Annie wonder on how she was going to teach this beautiful young colt of a girl(Thompson, 2003, pg 37). So Annie roll up her sleeve and got to work. Annie grab a doll she brought for Helen and gave it to Helen the she spelled doll in Helen plam. Helen didnt do it back so Annie took the doll away and Helen started to throw a fit and Helen spelled doll in Helen hand then she gave the doll back from Helen then she spelled doll again, but this time Helen spelled it back to Annie now we are making progress.Annie though it would be good if Herself and annie live in the little cottage 5 minutes down the road. The family was worry about it at first,but agreed so Annie and Helen pack up and took a long ride to confuse helen then they got to the cottage and they unpack. Annie taught Helen but it didnt seem to click until one day Annie and Helen were outside. Annie was pumping water from the well and grab Helen hand and put it under the water then she spelled out water on Helen palm then everything clicked in. Helen understood what it meant and she spelled it right back to Annie and that it all started with a water pump.

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Baroque Art The Baroque Period - 1648 Words

The Baroque period originated during the beginning of the 17th century in Italy and continued over a century in some parts of Europe. The Baroque artwork combines melodramatic compositions, beautiful details, and emotionality to give viewers as strong a visual experience as possible. Baroque murals and paintings can often be found in several churches and cathedrals through Italy and Europe. This is due because the Roman Catholic Church in the 17th century knew that the Baroque style of art could be used to endorse the church and give an impression of power and authority. Initial Baroque artists comprised of Caravaggio, a painter who influenced the Baroque style with his use of chiaroscuro and intense realism, and Annibale Carracci, who was well known for his frescoes. The Renaissance had seen an outbreak in art, music, culture and architecture. Italy had not been predisposed much by the protestant reformation and the church was still the more powerful force in the country. The Catholic Church still overpowered greatly but Italy did contribute greatly to art and science during this period. Shortly after a new artistic style came about Italy known as Baroque. Baroque was known for its prominence on movement and emotion. It was a movement that appealed more to the senses rather than the mind, artists like Caravaggio helped guide the path for a greater European artistic movement. Baroque architecture was influenced greatly by classical elements and the achievements of theShow MoreRelatedArt History: The Baroque Period724 Words   |  3 PagesArt. Music, Science, Society The painting by Caravaggio that the paper will discuss is Medusa. He painted it in 1595 making this painting early Baroque. Baroque painting is characterized by serious drama, rich and deep colors. Baroque paintings also have intense lighting and contrast due to the very dark shadows. Baroque art typically captures the most action packed point. Baroque artists paint the most dramatic point of the stories they choose to tell or retell. Baroque art seeks to evokeRead MoreBaroque Art Depicted the Religious Tensions During that Period801 Words   |  3 PagesArt in the Baroque period was used to depict the religious tensions present at the time. Coincidentally, the philosophy of the time also played a key role in addressing the tensions that existed during the period. As a result of the focus on similar aspects of the society, there emerged numerous similarities between the artwork of the time and the ideas expressed by philosophers such as Descartes and Leibniz. It is critical to asse ss the views of the different philosophers in order to determine howRead MoreArt Analysis: Renaissance Period vs. Italian Baroque1461 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Comparing and Contrasting Two Work of Art Introduction: It is always interesting to know how a singular topic can be treated so differently by two different artists. There is not only the more obvious difference of the techniques that have been employed, but there is also the difference in the way they perceive the topic. There is also the era and the region and influence of their background which has a direct impact on the work of Art that they produce. In this paper, we will try to developRead MoreArt From Baroque Period Through The Postmodern Era Essay1467 Words   |  6 PagesArt from Baroque Period through the Postmodern Era Renaissance art history began as civic history; it was an expression of civic pride. The first such history was Filippo Villanis De origine civitatis Florentiae et eiusdem famosis civibus, written about 1381-82. Florentine artists revived an art that was almost dead, Villani asserts, just as Dante had restored poetry after its decline in the Middle Ages. The revival was begun by Cimabue and completed by Giotto, who equalled the ancient paintersRead MoreEssay on Art from Baroque Period Through the Postmodern Era1486 Words   |  6 PagesArt from Baroque Period through the Postmodern Era Renaissance art history began as civic history; it was an expression of civic pride. The first such history was Filippo Villanis De origine civitatis Florentiae et eiusdem famosis civibus, written about 1381-82. Florentine artists revived an art that was almost dead, Villani asserts, just as Dante had restored poetry after its decline in the Middle Ages. The revival was begun by Cimabue and completed by Giotto, who equalled the ancient paintersRead MoreChoose Three (3) Works of Art from Three Artists from the Baroque Period Through the Postmodern Era.769 Words   |  4 Pagesworks of art from three artists from the Baroque period through the Postmodern era. Your three (3) works of art should come from the time periods or art movements covered in the reading from Unit 4 and Unit 5. Your choices must comply with the following criteria: †¢The 3 artworks chosen must be of the same style or time period. For example, you can choose one of the following suggestions: ââ€" ¦3 Baroque works of art, or ââ€" ¦3 Impressionist works of art, or ââ€" ¦3 Abstract Expressionist works of art, etc.Read MoreHumanities Essay959 Words   |  4 PagesThe Renaissance and Baroque periods in European history played an important role in the development of humanities in their respectable age. During these periods it established a time of rebirth in humanisms and improvement of cultural accomplishments. The Renaissance period provided artistic freedom and individualism. It began around the 14th century in Italy and spread throughout Europe until the 16th century. Renaissance means â€Å"rebirth† and humanism of the renaissance artist was to express themselvesRead MoreComparison/Contrast Renaisssance and Baroque Essay967 Words   |  4 PagesThe baroque and renaissance periods are two different periods. The renaissance period rolled into the baroque era. There were changes made over the years from the baroque to the renaissance period. Differences in style accumulated along with views of art and music. Baroque era covers the period between 1600 and 1750 beginning with Monte Verdi (birth of opera) and ended with deaths of Bach and Handel. The term baroque music is borrowed from the art history. It follows the Renaissance era (1400-1600)Read MoreWgu Iwt1 Task 11405 Words   |  6 Pages MODES IN THE HUMANITIES – Task 1 A1 - Renaissance The Renaissance period began in Italy around 1300 and spread throughout Europe during the 1400 and 1500’s. This period signified the beginning path to incredible change in customs, ways of life and institutions that had existed in Europe for almost a thousand years. Many of the new ideas of this period still influence our lives today. The beginning of this period the European countryside was broken up into large estates owned by the wealthyRead MoreExploring The Idea Of The Baroque Art Era1331 Words   |  6 PagesInstallation piece I have decided to explore the idea of The Baroque Art Era. The Baroque is a period of artistic style that concentrated on exaggerated processes and lavish designs. Starting in Rome in the early 1600’s, The Baroque style began after the Roman Church was in the middle of monumental internal reform, attempting to address the representation of the arts within the society of the time. They believed that a change in the way art was delivered to the masses was necessary to reach a larger

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The Environmental Impacts Of Food Production - 1187 Words

Climate change, according to is, â€Å"a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.† In the news, one may see headings like, â€Å"Polar Ice Caps Melting,† â€Å"Sea Levels Rise,† or â€Å"CO2 Emissions are at Alarming Rates.† Climate change tends to be paired with big coal burning power plants, smog from cars in metropolitan areas and the burning of fossil fuels. All of that is very true, however there is a contributor to climate change that tends to be overlooked and that is food production. Food production is a huge contributor to climate change and when you think about the amount of food that is produced in the USA alone, it makes sense. One of the major problems of food production is, people just do not consider the environmental impacts of what th ey eat. That is something that needs to change in order to hinder the environmental effects of food production. For this to happen, we need to start small, say with a college campus for example. Here at Ripon college Sodexo as well as student life are already trying to enact changes so that Ripon is a more environmentally friendly campus when it comes to the food we eat. But the fact is, we can still do more. I have come up with three ideas that if put into action , can help Ripon become an even more Eco friendly. When it comes to the foodShow MoreRelatedThe Incompatibility Between Economic Sustainability And Ecological Sustainability1714 Words   |  7 Pagessustainability and ecological sustainability is a contentious issue, specifically within the area of politics, technology, society, financial economies and environmental issues. When discussing such a matter the terms, sustainability, economic sustainability and ecological sustainability should be defined. Sustainability: the equality of environmental, social and economic necessities between today’s generation and tomorrow’s generation. Economic Sustainability: the employment of various strategies toRead MoreThe 2050 Food Security Challenge1292 Words   |  6 PagesThe 2050 Food Security Challenge, is one of the most widely known and concerning issues of the 21st century due to its vast potential of impacting the entire earth. In an analysis titled â€Å"Solutions for a Cultivated Planet,† Foley et al. (2011) note that it as â€Å"one of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century† (p. 1). In summary, the issue addresses the need for massive expansion of food production in order to accommodate our ever-growing population. By 2050, the world population is expectedRead MoreHow Does Dairy Production Affect The Environment? Why Is Milk Processed?1353 Words   |  6 PagesWhen you buy food to eat, do you think of the effects it has on the environment? It is easy to overlook the environmental impacts of our food because it is spread across different varieties of species. From plants to animals, fro m production to transportation, from hunting to growing food, all of these have big impacts on the world today. How does dairy production effect the environment? Why is milk processed? Milk is a nutritious food that has a short shelf-life and needs to be handled carefullyRead MoreAgriculture, And The Associated Consumption Of Food1479 Words   |  6 Pages1. Issue Overview Agriculture, and the associated consumption of food, has been identified as one of the principal drivers of environmental degradation (Robinson Harris 2012; UNEP 2010; Brown 2012), with industrial scale agriculture being of particular concern (Robinson Harris 2012: 135); subsistence agriculture tends to have little environmental impacts, although some alteration to natural landscapes do take place (Robinson Harris 2012: 135). Since the Green Revolution, these industrial cropRead MoreCritical Thinking And Self Reflection, Tyson Foods Inc.1000 Words   |  4 PagesThrough critical thinking and self-reflection, Tyson Foods Inc. will be able to uncover the truth claims, weigh the evidence, examine the underlying assumptions or opportunities, and eventually make appropriate decisions to reconstruct their current strategy (Kurucz, Colbert Wheeler, 2013). Critical reflection involves corporations evaluating the relationship between business, society, and the environment that is curren tly framed in the existing business model as well as introduce opportunitiesRead MoreMeat Production : Greenhouse Gas And Water Usage1119 Words   |  5 PagesMeat Production: Greenhouse Gas and Water Usage There has been a lot of recent media coverage on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration that processed meats can cause cancer. The evidence is not new; however, WHO’s announcement brings increased attention to the matter. In addition to the human health effects of eating meat, there are also significant environmental impacts—greater than any other type of food—to supporting the desire to consume meat and dairy. Raising livestock for animalRead MoreThe Food And Drug Administration1740 Words   |  7 Pagesrepercussions of environmental climate change and demands of a growing global population. Not only is climate change effecting the worlds ecosystems, human health and fresh water resources, it is drastically effecting the worlds agriculture. Unpredictable weather such, as rising temperatures, colder temperatures, excessive flooding, and droughts are just a few of the increasing weather instabilities, which are challenging and threatening today’s agriculture growth and production. As such, crop yieldsRead MoreThe Consequences Of The Globes Meat Consumption1363 Words   |  6 Pagesinternational relations because animal agriculture effects trade, global food security and the global economy. With the population growing at a rapid pace the demand on animal agricuture is also rapidly increasing. This essay will discuss the consequences of the globes meat consumption and the challenge it poses to international relations. It will then go on to discuss the way the international community should address global food security while reducing the animal agriculture industries effect on theRead MoreFood Industry And Global Warming946 Words   |  4 PagesFood Industry and Global Warming Global Warming is a rising issue for all the creatures on the Earth. Scientists haven been discovering the reasons and solutions for the global environmental changes for decades. Also, because of the effort of the scientists and media, people got aware of the great impacts of green house effect. However, most people only know that global warming is caused by the industries, manufactures or transportations, and neglect another huge factor of the environment, theRead MoreFood, Initial Needs For Survival1186 Words   |  5 PagesFood, Initial Needs For Survival The human need for food is one of the inherent and physiological needs; it is the most important factor for the survival and life. Food is an essential need, and human is forced to obtain food to quench the hunger. Proper nutrition and balanced is good for growth and leads to better health and longer lifespan. Initially, eating was only to crunch hunger, and feeling of hunger forced the human to consume everything that was available regardless of the quality and nutrition

Self reflection in it truest sense education essay Free Essays

string(164) " suffers from low ego regard and assurance which reflects his aggressive nature towards instruction and higher-ups such as instructors and people in authorization\." Integrating a brooding pattern in one ‘s ain professional instruction methods, would be one manner to maintain up with the on-going assessments that should happen in any professional set up or larning experience. One could depict contemplation as looking back at past instruction experiences, either good or bad, and finding whether the experience could hold been better managed or taught. There is a clear differentiation between believing and reflecting. We will write a custom essay sample on Self reflection in it truest sense education essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Thinking could be associated with a job and solution where as reflecting may non hold an absolute terminal consequence. Working as a instructor in a secondary school airss many jobs, and many inquiries that are really seldom answered. The job that surfaces with the thought of reflecting on 1s ain pattern is that we as instructors are non given the clip, or the motive to reflect more frequently, or more profoundly into our methods, learning manners or bringing of the course of study. The debut of standardization by manner of the National Curriculum towards the terminal of the 1980 ‘s and the beginning of the 1990 ‘s by the Conservative Government, has taken away the power from the single instructor in make up one’s minding what is of import. It could be argued it has reduced the instructor to nil more than a courier of a province controlled course of study. It besides suggests a concealed docket. Neary, M ( 2002 ) highlights the ‘hidden course of study Ã¢â‚¬Ë œ and the attitude towards instruction and the map a school should play in fixing people for society. Neary, M ( 2002, p45 ) states Lynch 1989 ( 1989, p3 ) : ‘The peculiar societal dealingss they deem of import in the generative procedure are chiefly the hierarchal division of labor between instructors and scholars, the anomic character of scholars ‘ school work itself, and the atomization in work – reflected in the institutionalized and frequently destructive competition among scholars through continual and apparently meritocratic ranking and rating ‘ . Neary, M argues that authors such as Bowles and Gintis have made connexions with a capitalist society and how this is reflected in the school system. It is of import to reflect on the course of study one Teachs and who decides what is ‘Really Useful Knowledge ‘ and how socially effectual this is for the scholars that we teach. The course of study that is offered at The Community College Whitstable is GCSE ‘S in all the nucleus topics, BTEC in Construction, Physical Education, Science, Drama, Science, Music, Business Studies, Travel and Tourism, Design and Technology, NVQ in Hairdressing, professional makings in Motor Vehicles ( IMA and ABC ) and A ‘ Levels. Students at The Community College Whitstable are progressively going familiar with BTEC instead than the traditional GCSE ‘S which are favoured by most Grammar and the top grade of other State schools. The logical thinking for this could be that province instruction is undergoing immense cardinal alte rations through political and ideological mentalities. The National Curriculum was sought to increase the pupil ‘s acquisition, the House of Commons 4th study provinces ( 2008, p10 ) : ‘This papers basically identified four wide intents ; presenting an entitlement for students to a wide and balanced course of study ; scene criterions for pupil attainment and to back up school answerability ; bettering continuity and coherency within the course of study, and helping public apprehension of the work of school: ‘ The school province system has now moved on more than a decennary since that pledge and is presently at the Centre of a political inspection and repair. The Community College Whitstable is come ining more pupils onto the BTEC programmes than of all time before. Through contemplation of the stance and vision that the school is taking, and with respects to the increased flexibleness of the school course of study programme, one could see that schools such as The Community College Whitstable are progressively fighting to vie on national and local footings through GSE ‘S consequences. Therefore turning to BTEC ‘s is a manner to increase pupils consequences and travel up the conference tabular arraies. The popularity with BTEC ‘s are that they are all coursework driven and this does give them an advantage over GCSE ‘S which are portion coursework, and portion terminal of twelvemonth test towards concluding Markss. The coursework is internally marked and externally v erified, pupils who would non hold had any opportunity of acquiring good consequences through GSES ‘s, stand a better opportunity with BTEC ‘s ( perchance acquiring 4 GSSE ‘s at A* – C class on another topic. ) The Community College Whitstable has been first-class in implementing the old Governments name for Vocationalism and Diversity in the course of study but is that all about to alter with the new Coalition Government. It is of import to reflect on 1s learning of the course of study, cognition, bringing, larning manners and methods, if we are to come on and turn as a instructor or facilitator. At present there are no school guidelines to go a Brooding Practitioner but there have been many writers and professionals that have laid down theoretical accounts for brooding pattern to be incorporated into the course of study. Brookfield, S provinces ( 1995 p29 ) : ‘We have available four lenses through which we can see our instruction. These lenses are represented by the four pointers in figure 2.1. They are ( 1 ) our autobiographies as instructors and scholars, ( 2 ) our pupils ‘ eyes, ( 3 ) our co-workers ‘ experiences, and ( 4 ) theoretical literature. Sing what we do through these different lenses alerts us to falsify or uncomplete facets of our premises that need farther probe. ‘ For illustration utilizing a ambitious pupil as a instance survey who attends the vocational Centre is a good manner to reflect on Brookfield ‘s lenses. The pupil that I have identified has had domestic jobs and personal jobs that stem from his place life. The pupil has a low academic ability and falls into the class of extra excess demands, which would hold been recorded on his informations from appraisals conducted in cardinal phase two and three. I believe this pupil suffers from low ego regard and assurance which reflects his aggressive nature towards instruction and higher-ups such as instructors and people in authorization. You read "Self reflection in it truest sense education essay" in category "Essay examples" The pupil was pushed into the vocational Centre because of stereotyping and the low standards needed to inscribe on the classs at the vocational Centre at The Community College Whitstable. Taking this into consideration and seeing it from the pupil ‘s eyes would assist all instructors deal with his/her disputing behavior with greater empathy and compassion, and in bend this would enable us to undertake these jobs with greater cognition. A minority of pupils may hold an atrocious place state of affairs and life in a societal environment that does non advance larning. Students may be come to school with that luggage of place life and may endure from a deficiency of assurance through low academic ability. Sing this state of affairs from a pupil ‘s point of position should promote us as instructors to be more thoughtful and tactful when covering with certain pupils. From my experience of working and learning at The Community College Whitstable, the pupils who chose vocational classs are by and large lower ability pupils. Although there are some exclusions to this, and at that place will ever be pupils who opt for vocational class who are academically bright. Students that are on the Construction courses at The Community College Whit stable may hold jobs that range from behavioral, societal and academic through to the medical and physical. Through my experience as a instructor, communicator or facilitator I have ever relied on my autobiographical acquisition, for illustration, learning pupils woodworking and joinery through my ain good experience as an learner and so traveling on to analyze at college. This contemplation into my past experiences has helped me to go a more rounded and competent instructor of the accomplishments of a trade that goes back many centuries. I believe that all instructors should utilize their autobiographical acquisition in their instruction because we can all retrieve the good instructors or the good teachers and employers. Our autobiography should organize the foundation of our learning methods and manners. Peer appraisal is a important portion of a instructors larning experience either informal or formal, both of these tools are every bit of import. Teaching on the BTEC Level 2 Construction class involves two members of staff and each member has equal duty to internally verify each others work. Fifty per cent of all pupils work will necessitate to be cross referenced and internally verified. There are regular squad meetings and departmental meetings on marker, pupil ‘s public presentation, attending and behavior. These meetings have ever been a good manner to go through on shared cognition and to interchange thoughts and beliefs on the best ways of learning. Informal feedback from 1s co-workers can be merely as effectual, for illustration inquiring a co-worker to come into a category to detect a peculiar portion of the lesson can supply us with greater cognition of the state of affairs. By merely inquiring other instructors how they deal with job pupils can work out the enigma. From my experience a co-worker had advised me to do up a seating program at the beginning of the lesson to battle bad behavior. The thought is that you have already taken control of the state of affairs and the pupil understands this and responds consequently. To this twenty-four hours the scheme has worked. Understanding how and why pupils behave in a mode requires understanding of human demands, this may non come of course to most of us, but the ability to reflect and to research is a tool all instructors have at their disposal. Completion of the Certificate of Education class in old old ages and now analyzing the BA Hons in Lifelong Learning, has put me on a acquisition curve utilizing theoretical literature that I am still researching and seeking to grok. This research into course of study political orientation, course of study alteration, cognition of instruction etc. suggests that instruction is non what it seems but a smokescreen for viing self-importances and constabularies f rom political parties at the helm of the state ‘s hereafter. Brookfield ‘s Lenses challenges us to travel off from our point of position and to take onboard other interventions that may or may non do a pupils advancement or fail. Brookfield highlights the complexnesss of how we learn, and how the acquisition environment is ever affected by more than one issue. By going a Brooding Practitioner it can assist one understand the jobs that arise from the jobs instructors face. Brookfield identifies Reflective Practice as a manner in which instructors can do sense of the instruction system and the political invasions that occur in the course of study. He suggests that through critical contemplation we find our terms and are so able to hold an openness that benefits both pupils and instructor. The pupils can be really ambitious and will all hold their ain set of issues to cover with as lineations above. Using Brookfield ‘s Four Lenses to cover with a ambitious pupil would be one manner of detecting the true art of pedagogical instruction. Brooding Practice through Brookfields theoretical account would be good when 1 encounters a hard twenty-four hours. Peer rating signifiers an of import function in our instruction methods, Brookfield highlight this in his Four Lenses and provinces ( 1995, p35 ) ‘Our co-workers serve as critical mirrors reflecting back to us images of our actions that frequently take us by surprise. As they describe their ain experiences covering with the same crises and quandary we face, we are able to look into, reframe and broaden our ain theories of pattern. ‘ This find through other instructors who deal with the same job pupils is really of import for a instructor to come on, and travel on in their chase of going a competent instructor. Brookfield ‘s 4th lens system focuses on theoretical literature whereby instructors and lectors should read more about the procedures of larning theory and research. Brookfield provinces ( 1995, p37 ) : ‘Reading a theoretical analysis that offers an alternate interpretative model for a state of affairs can be life salvaging – or at least, calling economy. Critical theory may assist us recognize, for illustration, that pupils ‘ neutrality is the predictable effect of a system that forces people to analyze staccato balls of cognition at a gait prescribed by course of study councils and license organic structures. ‘ Theoretical literature is covered by the leading squad at The Community College Whitstable in Staff Development eventides. From my experience this literature is used to warrant their scheme instead than to professionally develop a instructor ‘s head. Theoretical literature can assist instructors to still their frights and seek confidences from other professionals outside their on the job environment. Unfortunately excessively few instructors actively read theoretical literature on pedagogical instruction, from my experience reading and analyzing literature on behavior has been a great beginning of encouragement. Brookfield points out that the logical thinking for this is that the surveies carried out about learning in theoretical books are ever written by faculty members and non instructors. The old Government had realised this, the 4th study on the National Curriculum provinces ( 2008, p32 ) : ‘At the same clip, instructors need to be given a stronger sense that their ain inventions in teaching method can be valued. There is considerable support for the debut of some signifier of ‘pedagogic bank ‘ developed by instructors for instructors. ‘ In order for instructors to go a Brooding Practitioner or instructor they would hold to oppugn the footing of the Curriculum and the hierarchal establishment that administers it. This would convey them in direct struggle with the whole school system and the powers that control the system, both centrally through authorities, and straight through the senior direction of the school. This theory of oppugning the nucleus values of an educational establishment goes against the National Curriculum set up under the Conservative Government, where instructor control and powers are limited. In a universe where we are now used to following the regulations and codifications of administrations the true spirit of people power has been born out of us through Capitalism, Globalisation and laterality. If one was to take onboard brooding instruction and utilize it as portion of the course of study timetabling it would assist us to go better instructors and this would assist us learn pupils what we thin k is of import to them in the outside universe. Schon, D ( 1995, p332 ) argues: ‘What happens in such an educational bureaucratism when a instructor begins to believe and move non as proficient expert but as brooding practician? Her reflection- in-action poses a possible menace to the dynamically conservative system in which she lives. ‘ As mentioned earlier the ‘hidden course of study ‘ has many dockets, of all time since the debut of free province schooling in the 1940 ‘s the issue has ever been what should the pupils learn and why. Education was seen to be a manner to travel a state on from the injury of the World War and the deepnesss of desperation. The Education Minister at the clip was R. A. Butler. In a bill of exchange white paper ( 1943, pp182 ) he stated: ‘The new educational chances must non, hence, be of a individual form. Schools and classs must be available to accommodate the demands and aptitudes of different types of student or pupil. It is merely every bit of import to accomplish diverseness as it is to guarantee equality of educational chance. ‘ Although the Government were non straight involved in educational course of study there was a steadfast directive from the Government. Scholars throughout history have identified learning theoretical accounts and theories, armitage et Al ( 2003 ) identified five Models of Educational Political orientations: Classical Humanism, Liberal Humanism, Progressivism, Instrumentalism and Reconstructionism. Armitage argues that we as instructors need to understand these political orientations in order to take them on board and through this cognition we as instructors can put the acquisition experience for our pupils. Out of the five political orientations Reconstructionism seems the furthest off from our educational system and would accommodate the Developing World who need political orientations to draw themselves out of economical convulsion. Neary, M ( 2002 ) suggests that the Liberal Humanist political orientation has been the most relevant since the industrialized West evolved. Neary argu es that this political orientation had favoured the private and higher classed schools such as the Grammar schools but non the State schools. Tony Blair ‘s New Labour Government and the educational political orientation could be coined with instrumentalism. The educational policies under Blair such as the Leitch Report ( 2006 ) are in maintaining with the instrumentalism armitage et Al provinces ( 2003, p209 ) : ‘The instrumental course of study sees knowledge in factual footings and is clearly lecturer/teacher/trainer led. Therefore, through instrumentalism instruction and preparation pupils are fixing themselves for their functions in the workplace and in society as a whole. ‘ This instrumentalism has had a major consequence on province schools such as The Community College Whitstable because since New Labour, Vocationalism has made its manner into Secondary schools and is now portion of the course of study for 14 twelvemonth olds. It remains to be seen whether the new Coalition Government are prepared to transport on these political orientations or follow another way. In a perfect universe the educational political orientation would be Progressivism Armitage et Al provinces ( 2003, p208 ) : ‘The course of study would be based around active problem-solving in a assortment of societal contexts and be constructed of subjects which interested and challenged pupils ( larning from experience ) with the purpose that people would larn how to believe for themselves, make determinations, cooperate and take part as shapers of a democratic society. ‘ The job that has arisen in the course of study today is that pupils are being spoon fed the information and that they can non believe for themselves. This is the consequence of the course of study being excessively narrow and excessively focussed on good consequence and attainment instead than pupils growing. In order for our society or political administrations to make up one’s mind the destiny of our instruction system or the function it plays in how the pupils will be taught, curriculum research is carried out to determine the terminal end. Neary, M ( 2002 ) has highlighted two course of study theoretical accounts the Product Model and the Process Model. The Product Model is linked with behavior and Neary, M ( 2002, p60 ) cites Tyler ( 1949 ) ; ‘1. What are the purposes and aims of the course of study? 2. Which larning experiences run into these purposes and aims? 3. How can the extent to which these purposes and aims have been met be evaluated? 4. How can these learning experiences be organised? ‘ Under this theoretical account each inquiry will necessitate to be answered in order for the development of the course of study to be successful and achieve the ends and results intended. Harmonizing to Neary the theoretical account was non without its critics based entirely on the idea that a course of study can non be based on Behaviourism. Armitage et al provinces there was an alternate theoretical account for course of study development, the Process Model ( 2003, p203 ) : ‘This is an attack to curriculum which is interested in the procedures and processs of larning so that the scholar is able to utilize and develop the content, non merely have it passively. ‘ Neary, M states the Process Model focuses on ( 2002, p61 ) : ‘Teacher activities ( and hence the instructor ‘s function ) , pupil and scholar activities ( possibly the most of import characteristic ) , the conditions in which the acquisition takes topographic point. ‘ Students on the BTEC degree 2 Construction classs at The Community College Whitstable will hold a variable grade of both theoretical accounts in the class purposes and aims and the construction and bringing of the content stuff and appraisals. The BTEC Level 2 Construction classs will already hold predetermined purposes and results in which the scholar will hold to run into to fulfill the awarding organic structure, if they are to accomplish the making, this type of course of study falls in line with the Product Model. The BTEC does let for some liberty of the instructors because the faculties or units will hold to be personally written by the instructor or lector for the pupils to finish. This does reflect portion of the Process Model but the ego written units and bringing of the units have specific guidelines laid down by BTEC Edexcel. Curriculum alteration and the political orientation behind it are really of import when sing a sweeping alteration of the National Curriculum for schools in Britain. With the debut of new makings, the appraisal of that is basically of import to the success and the length of service of the new set up. Knight, J Minister of province schools ( 14-19 ) provinces ( 2008, p1 ) : ‘Many schools are already seeing the benefits of utilizing appraisal for larning patterns and resources, but I want all schools to hold entree to high-quality preparation and support so that appraisal for acquisition can be embedded in all schoolrooms. ‘ The old Labour Government had targeted appraisal as the manner frontward for schools to undertake pupil ‘s weaknesss. Harmonizing to the section for Children, Schools and Families ( 2008 ) the appraisal for larning championed by Labour would enable pupils, instructors, parents and schools to cognize how the pupil is executing, where they should be and how they are traveling to accomplish a satisfactory degree of public presentation. For schools this meant that the construction would be crystalline for all to see. For instructors they would now hold a foundation to work from and be able to prove pupils intermittently against the in agreement appraisals and standards that are laid down by Government organic structures. There are many ways to prove pupils runing from summational testing ( terminal of twelvemonth test ) , to formative testing: this could be conducted in the schoolroom and workshops, and initial testing which would be carried out at the beginning of the class. The n ucleus inquiry that needs to be answered when assessing is, are the agencies of proving dependable and valid? Armitage et Al ( 2003, p 157 ) provinces: ‘A valid appraisal method is one which tests whether the purposes and aims of a learning experience have been achieved. ‘ The BTEC degree 2 Construction class that is taught at The Community College Whitstable has assorted signifiers of appraisal in order for the pupil to finish the units for that peculiar class. Currently pupils will hold to go through six units in which three are theory units, and three are practical units. The theory units are taught on a modular footing, one time the pupil has completed one unit they move onto the following 1. The units are broken down into three smaller balls of appraisal so that it is easier for the pupils to digest and use themselves and come on through the scaling system. The rating systems start with a base on balls and so travel onto a virtue and eventually a differentiation. This sort of appraisal follows the standard referenced path of appraisals, the pupils will hold a set of inquiries and each inquiry will hold base on balls, virtue or differentiation attached to it. The pupils can lucubrate on their replies and accomplish a higher mark or class. The prono unced work is so marked by the assessor and so internally verified by a co-worker learning the same class. This is indispensable for the appraisal procedure to be made valid and dependable. The practical elements of the BTEC degree 2 Construction class are marked by the assessor every bit shortly as the pupils has achieved the purpose, which could run from constructing a Flemish Bond wall, doing a panel door or preparing and painting a booth. The instructor ( assessor ) will immediately tag their piece of work in line with the class specification and rate the pupils a fail, base on balls, virtue or differentiation. This appraisal is in maintaining with a competency based expression which is similar with NVQ ‘s. There have been unfavorable judgments of this sort of competency based proving Armitage et Al ( 2003, p166 ) provinces: ‘Some argue that a competence-based system makes larning assessment-led. That is, for pupils at least, one oculus is ever on the competences that have yet to be awarded and the full class of survey the becomes skewed towards clicking off such competences. ‘ The pupils at The Community College Whitstable could place with this unfavorable judgment as we as instructors are pushed to increase accomplishments and base on balls makings instead than doing certain that the pupil is ready equipped for the outside universe. Assessment schemes and the dependability and cogency have become an issue with new Coalition Government. An independent reappraisal conducted by Sir Richard Sykes ( 2010p3 ) provinces ; ‘There is an compulsion with measuring, puting quantitative marks and roll uping conference tabular arraies, as though what can non be measured numerically has no value and should hold no topographic point in instruction. Yet the best things in instruction frequently can non readily be measured in this manner. ‘ Dockrell and Black ( 1980 ) pick up on this subject of cogency and dependability but their focal point is assessment in the affectional sphere. Dockrell and Black ( 1980 ) argue that this sort of appraisal is good for the success of the pupil ‘s patterned advance in their educational experience. Assessing person ‘s public assistance and fixing lessons to suit all pupils sat in forepart of them is portion of the pupil centred course of study at The Community College Whitstable. Teachers are expected to compose studies three times a twelvemonth on every kid they teach measuring both ability and attitude although this does non travel towards their concluding class it can move as a tool to measure the pupil ‘s advancement. Every kid must be taught to the best of their ability is the mantra at the college. Although I do non hold with the current instruction system in Britain one hundred per cent, there seem to be really small alternate. The 11 plus trial that is conducte d in the Kent District is designed to divide the brighter pupils from the less academic to the addition of the Grammar schools. This sort of appraisal has a immense consequence on all secondary schools in Kent, particularly The Community College Whitstable who will hold to choose pupils that have failed or are non eligible. The Tomlinson study ( 2004 ) had promised or set out a new course of study and appraisal that would hold revolutionised our province instruction. The study had identified that GCSE ‘s and A’Levels needed to be reformed every bit good as vocational instruction for 14 twelvemonth olds. Unfortunately, the reform did non transform the instruction system but was merely brought in a moire downed degree. Sir Richard Sykes ( 2010, p3 ) argues: ‘We therefore present a treatment and a set of recommendations which if adopted would, we believe, help to right the balance between instruction and appraisal. ‘ The new specification for all BTEC classs has been renewed as of September 2010, this follows a whole shingle up of the QCA model and the regulating organic structures that preside over the way of our making system in Britain. It remains to be seen whether this will convey the alteration that will bridge the spread between pupil ‘s advancement and an instruction system that is envied throughout the universe. In decision Reflective Practice enables one to see their professional function as a instructor and within society. It is of import that we as instructors and professionals encourage pupils to accomplish all that they can in the instruction system and to go life long scholars. It is of import that we encourage pupils to non merely larn what the course of study has offered them but to widen their acquisition. The essay has researched the course of study of The Community College Whitstable and how it has adapted to the alterations of a tiered school system through conference tabular arraies and appraisals such as the Eleven Plus. Schools such as The Community College Whitstable will hold to continually excel their outlooks if they are to last in this Capitalist State System. Brookfield ‘s Four Lenses is an of import starting point for contemplation in 1s ain professional pattern and this can set the teacher/professional onto the route of true satisfaction of 1s ain pattern. Curric ulum political orientations have played an of import portion in Britain and the World ‘s instruction system. This essay has focussed on instrumentalism and how this affects The Community College Whitstable and how it has played an of import portion in Britain ‘s Education System. This essay has identified and developed a cognition and apprehension of appraisals in our State Education System. It has identified how these appraisals are being used in a vocational sense through BTEC makings at The Community College Whitstable. It is of import to understand Britain ‘s instruction system, political orientations and cardinal beliefs as this will enable the instructor to come on and to do sense of educational alteration. Schools such as The Community College Whitstable have benefited from political orientation, political invasion and course of study development because more pupils are now come ining 6th signifier and traveling on to university or higher instruction than of all time before. Schools play an of import portion when educating the pupil and the local community, it is the start of womb-to-tomb acquisition for some pupils. Comparing the instruction system of the 1970 ‘s to the present twenty-four hours, pupils have a greater advantage because schools are now set up to profit the pupil. The Community College Whitstable offers a huge scope of makings that would be the enviousness of many states. How to cite Self reflection in it truest sense education essay, Essay examples

Transferability of Features in Deep Neural - myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theTransferability of Features in Deep NeuralNetworks. Answer: Problem Definition Deep neural networks in the modern world exhibit a curios phenomenon in that when trained with images, they have a tendency to all learn first layer features that are similar to color blobs or Gabor filters. These filters appear so commonly that if anything else is obtained in natural image datasets, the result is a suspicion that the hyper parameters chosen was done poorly or there is a bug in the software. This phenomenon is seen in different datasets as well as where the training objectives are very different including in situations of supervised image classification, unsupervised sparse representations learning, and unsupervised density learning. Regardless of the natural dataset and the specific cost function, the standard features in first layer systems seem to occur and so these features (first features) are considered general. Further, last layer trained network computed features must greatly depend on the chosen task and dataset; the last layer features are thus termed speci fic (Singh et al., 2015). Given that the first layers are general while last layers are specific, then within the network, there must be a point of transition from general to specific (Joshi, 2017). With this in mind, this pre-research proposal has the following objectives; Objectives To quantify the degree to which a specific layer is specific or general To establish whether the transition from general to specific occur suddenly at a singe layer or whether it occurs spread out out in over many layers To establish where the transition occurs; whether it is near the first, the middle, or the last layer in the network Time Table Task Duration/ Time Evaluating research topics and identifying suitable research area Three Days (Nov 25 2017 to Nov 28 2017) Writing preproposal One day (Nov 29 2017) Pre research data and materials collection One Week Writing formal research proposal One Week Getting professor feedback and making necessary adjustments Two Weeks Designing research methodology Three Days Collecting materials for the research One Week Literature Reviews Two Weeks Designing experimental setup One Week Data Collection One Week Data analysis One Week Discussion of research findings Four Days Making Draft Research Five days Obtaining professor feedback Two weeks Making adjustments and writing final research paper with conclusions and recommendations Two weeks Presenting research One day References Joshi, N. (2017). Combinational neural network using Gabor filters for the classification of handwritten digits (pp. 1-4). Frankfurt: Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studie. Retrieved from Singh, B., De, S., Zhang, Y., Goldstein, T., Taylor, G., 2015 (December 01, 2015). Layer- Specific Adaptive Learning Rates for Deep Networks. IEEE 14th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA). 364-368.

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Rotary Screw Compressor Samples for Students †

Questions: 1.Is the project scientifically worth doing? 2.How is your knowledge and skills base matched with the project? 3.Are you motivated by the idea? 4.What is the potential for future further research wok? Answers: A tentative project title: A study of the application of rotary air compressor for compressed air for the Compressed air energy storage system. Currently, many industries and homes are resolving to use the alternative sources of energy which are renewable and environmentally friendly. People and industries are currently storing energy such that in case there is the need for an alternative energy to boost the supply of the grid, they these energy storage devices are used. Some of the energy storage devices that are currently being used include flywheel energy storage system, pumped-hydro, battery energy storage, and compressed air energy storage systems(Chandra, 2012). The rotary screw compressor that is oil-free can be used for the purposes of air compression through the screw action to attain an air pressure of 150 psi (10 atm) and output volume of 57m3/min (2000 cubic feet per minute). This compressed air can then be channelled to the compressed air energy storage system. The figure below shows the features of a rotary screw compressor that can be used for the purposes of air compression before channelling the compressed air to the energy storage system: Compression of air generates heat, the air is warmer after the process of compression. During the process of expansion, heat is removed from the system. In case no heat is added, then the air will be much colder after expansion. This heat produced during the compression of air by rotary air compressor can be stored and used during expansion(Hollaway, 2012). The figure below shows how the compressed air from the rotary air compressor will be channelled to the compressed air energy storage system: 1. This project is critical since it will be meeting the demand of the current fluctuations in the energy demand in for both companies and homes whose energy requirements vary depending on the time and season. During off-peak, the energy will be stored in form of compressed air in the compressed air energy storage system, during peak loads when the demands are higher, the energy from the storage system will then be released to the grid(Jamal, 2017). This two systems of air compression and energy storage can function concurrently while the energy being supplied to the grid such that their energy will always be channelled to the system. The extra energy from the energy storage system can be channelled to the grid to be used in other places where at that time there is higher demand, this will avoid wastage of energy and compressed air. Many factories are currently implementing energy storage systems, however, the compressed air energy storage system is not very much considered since the challenge of acquiring compressed air. The rotary air compressor will be the major source of compressed air which will be used for the purposes of air compression(Mike, 2013). 2. I have lived in areas where electricity shortage has always been a problem. There will always be a voltage drop during the evening hours and morning hours where the consumption of electricity is at the peak. Many people in the region will always opt to store energy using energy storage systems such as batteries and then use the stored energy when the demand is higher than the supply. This habit of storing energy has actually encouraged me to investigate on other energy storage systems since the amount of energy stored using batteries is low and can get depleted after a short duration(Nwauha, 2013). This project will also be more effective to me since the acquisition of required data cannot be a problem. Many companies around the region are using compressed air energy storage system and can be more than willing to provide all the information required to put this system into practice. The government, under the department of energy, can also be willing to provide data that is critical to implement this project since this energy storage system will help in meeting the demand for energy during the peak periods. The current efficient techniques for air compression by the use of rotary air compressor can easily be acquired by researching in numerous sources that are readily available(Yahya, 2011). 3. The research of alternative energy storage system other than the locally available battery is very appealing to me. This is an area I have been implementing for a long period by the use of batteries as an energy storage system. The use of compressed air energy storage system is more appealing and motivating. The project gives me an opportunity to engage me in finding solutions to problems that probably have numerous solutions and may vary depending on the pressure of compressed air generated by the rotary air compressors and also the different energy that is intended to be released by the compressed air energy storage system(Perez, 2016). The idea of researching of the information concerning the practical work is more fascinating to me than a theory based projects since I get to acquire the actual skills of implementing a real project and making it function as required(Nwauha, 2013). 4. Numerous companies have considered the implementation of the compressed air energy storage system, but the problem that always arises is the source of compressed air to be used, however, with the idea of using the rotary compressor as the source of compressed air, many companies will opt to this energy storage system. This will really make the rotary motor to be modified to suit this purpose in the near future. Other methods of generation of compressed air are not as efficient as the rotary air compressor aiming it more suitable for this purpose(Nwauha, 2013). Depending on the amount of air pressure required, the screw rotary compressor can be modified to generate any amount of air pressure. The higher the air pressure the higher the amount of energy that will be released by the energy storage system making the system to be more flexible for any future adjustments(Stosic, 2010). Bibliography Chandra, R. (2012). Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Michigan: Wiley 147-154. This article reviews the different applications of rotary compressor with major consideration being taken on its use on refrigeration and air conditioning. This article is critical when addressing the operation principles of the rotary compressor and various types of compressors. Giampaolo, T. (2010). Compresor Handbook: Principles and Practice. Colorado: Springer, 89-158. This article reviews the principles of operation of the compressors and also evaluates various types of compressors that are currently being applied in numerous operations. It also examines the applications of the compressors. Hollaway, M. (2012). Process Plant Equipment: Operations, Control and Reliability. New York: Informa, 178-192. This article looks into the various equipment used in factories and industries that use rotary compressors for their operations. The article addresses the control and reliability of the rotary compressors used in these equipment. Jamal, K. (2017). Vehicles and Automotive Engineering. Perth: Simon Schuster, 287-311. This article reviews the application of the rotary compressors in vehicles and automation by looking into the application and working principles of the compressors in automation. Mike, L. (2013). 8th International Conference on Compressors and their System. London: Grupo Planeta, 114-124. This article looks at the various systems that uses the various types of compressors and evaluates their working principles in numerous applications. Nwauha, C. (2013). Compressor, Rotary, Air, Wheel Mounted. Melbourne: Scholastic, 315-358. This article is a broad document that discusses the numerous compressors such as rotary, air, and wheel mounted compressors that are applied in many systems. The major consideration for the case of this research is on the rotary mounted compressors. Perez, R. (2016). Troubleshooting Rotating Machinery. Moscow: Adventure Works Press, 154-174. This article is a case study into the ways of troubleshooting the rotary machines which use the rotary compressors to facilitate their rotation. Spellman, F. (2013). Handbook of Water And Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations. Toledo: Scholastic, 217-243. This article reviews the operations of water and wastewater treatment where the rotary compressors are applied due to their rotational ability. Stosic, N. (2010). Screw Compressor. Paris: Reed Elsevier, 347-375. This article is a case study into the screw type of compressor. This article discusses the various sections of the compressor as well as its operation and application. Yahya, S. (2011). Turbines Compressor and Fans. California: Pearson, 198-212. This article reviews the fans and turbine compressors that use the rotatory compressors to facilitate their working. The types and working principles of the compressors differ depending on the system they are applied.